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Modern Chinese Medicine Group Co., Ltd.

      Modern Chinese Medicine Group Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in modern  Chinese medicine industry. Our principal operating subsidiary, Chengde Yushi Jindan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a Chinese medicine manufacturing company with a long history.
     Our history can be traced back to 1986. Adhering to the corporate mission of "building a national Chinese medicine business and focusing on the healthy development of national Chinese medicine", we have been focusing on the innovative development of Chinese medicines for the treatment and/or alleviation of (i) Qi-deficiency and blood-stasis condition; (ii) cardio-cerebrovascular condition; (iii) digestive and gastrointestinal condition and (iv) gynaecological condition. We owned 71 Drug Approval Numbers which were associated with 59 types of proprietary Chinese medicine("PCM") products, among which, 45 were included in the National Insurance Medicine List. We were one of the leading companies engaged in the production of Qi-deficiency and blood-stasis PCM pills (補氣補血類中成藥丸) and cardio-cerebrovascular PCM capsules (心腦血管中成藥膠囊) in Northeast, the PRC.

R&D Strength
The group has a research and development center at its headquarters in Chengde City, which is equipped with domestic advanced testing equipment and instruments, and has production workshops that are GMP-compliant, covering the research and development needs of Chinese medicine tablets, capsules, pills and other products. We have entered into collaboration agreements with Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (黑龍江中醫藥大學) and Chengde Medical College (承德醫學院) to jointly develop new product and improve production process.

The R&D center has always adhered to the core values of "life-oriented and health-based", the continuous innovation, and market-oriented R&D philosophy, focusing on products for treatment of Qi-deficiency and blood-stasis condition and cardio-cerebrovascular condition. Relying on the R&D of quality, The Group strives to become a pioneer in modern Chinese medicine industry.



2020-02-27中國網 全國人民萬眾一心、眾志成城打響抗疫阻擊戰至今,已于日前取得階段性成果。隨著確診病例治愈人數的逐步上升,一線醫療團隊根據疫情診療進展情況,廣泛征求相關各省、市名中醫意見建議,向社會公布了推薦指導用藥。據全國新型冠狀...






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